Hsueh-Ti (Derek) Liu

I am a second-year Computer Science PhD student at the University of Toronto, advised by Alec Jacobson, and a member of Dynamic Graphics Project. My research focuses on 3D geometry processing using spectral, differentiable rendering, and machine learning approaches. I received my BSE at National Taiwan University, and MS at Carnegie Mellon University advised by Keenan Crane and Levent Burak Kara. Currently, I am doing my internship at Adobe Research, Seattle, mentored by Vova Kim. Previously, I was visiting Maks Ovsjanikov at Ecole Polytechnique.
E-mail: hsuehtil at cs.toronto.edu
Address: Bahen Center, 40 St. George Street, Room 5166, Toronto, ON M5S 2E4


Spectral Coarsening of Geometric Operators

Hsueh-Ti Derek Liu, Alec Jacobson, Maks Ovsjanikov
ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH), 2019
[Paper] [Paper (low-res)] [Code (MATLAB)]

Beyond Pixel Norm-Balls:
Parametric Adversaries using an Analytically Differentiable Renderer

Hsueh-Ti Derek Liu, Michael Tao, Chun-Liang Li, Derek Nowrouzezahrai, Alec Jacobson
ICLR 2019
[Paper] [Poster]

Paparazzi: Surface Editing by way of Multi-View Image Processing

Hsueh-Ti Derek Liu, Michael Tao, Alec Jacobson
ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH Asia), 2018
[Paper] [Paper (low-res)] [Project] [Code]

A Dirac Operator for Extrinsic Shape Analysis

Hsueh-Ti Derek Liu, Alec Jacobson, Keenan Crane
Computer Graphics Forum (SGP), 2017
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