Cubic Stylization SIGGRAPH Asia 2019


University of Toronto


We present a 3D stylization algorithm that can turn an input shape into the style of a cube while maintaining the content of the original shape. The key insight is that cubic style sculptures can be captured by the as-rigid- as-possible energy with an l1-regularization on rotated surface normals. Minimizing this energy naturally leads to a detail-preserving, cubic geometry. Our optimization can be solved efficiently without any mesh surgery. Our method serves as a non-realistic modeling tool where one can incorporate many artistic controls to create stylized geometries.



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Our research is funded in part by New Frontiers of Research Fund (NFRFE–201), the Ontario Early Research Award program, NSERC Discovery (RGPIN2017–05235, RGPAS–2017–507938), the Canada Research Chairs Program, the Fields Centre for Quantitative Analysis and Modelling and gifts by Adobe Systems, Autodesk and MESH Inc. We thank members of Dynamic Graphics Project at the University of Toronto; Michael Tao and Wen-Hsiang Tsai for project motivations; David I.W. Levin and Yotam Gingold for ideas on the artistic controls and the user study; Oded Stein for sharing results; Rahul Arora for fabricating stylized shapes; Leonardo Sacht and Silvia Sellán for proofreading; Omid Poursaeed, Rahul Arora, Whitney Chiu, Yang Zhou, Yifan Wang, Youssef Alami Mejjati, and Zhicong Lu for participating the user study.