DGP is Hiring

The Department of Computer Science is seeking a new staff member to fill the position of Faculty Support Staff to serve the department in the DGP lab. This is a wonderful opportunity to join a vibrant lab and department with an outstanding interdisciplinary and international culture. Please see the U of T job posting for information about the position, and how to apply.

Welcome new Graduate Students

The DGP is happy to welcome the incoming class of graduate students to the lab: Ryan McDonald, Raymond Lei, Rabia Aslam, Rinat Abdrashitov, Haijun Xia, and Liviu-Mihai Calin. Welcome to the lab, and best of luck with your research!

DGP Welcomes Visiting Professor J. Andreas Bærenten


J. Andreas Bærenten, associate professor of computer graphics at the Technical University of Denmark is visiting the DGP for the next year. Andreas notes: My research area is computer graphics with emphasis on the digital representation of shape. In particular, I investigate shape representation and manipulation methods for applications such as interactive sculpting, simulation and modeling of dynamic phenomena, procedural synthesis of 3D models, and the creation of digital prototypes. I am also interested in many aspects of real-time graphics.

Welcome Andreas! We look forward to a long and productive collaboration.