Tira Cohene - Research Portfolio

Thesis Project: Designing Interactive Life Story
Multimedia for a Family Affected by Alzheimer’s Disease

Assistive Intervention Technologies have the potential to enhance the lives and well beings of many individuals.
The following links show aspects of the design process for this project.

[Research Proposal] [ June 2004 ] This proposal describes the objectives of our research project
[The Biography Handbook] [ August 2004 ] The handbook is distributed to families who take part in this project
[Participatory Storyboard] [ October 2004 ] These photographs show the Participatory Storyboard, which was used in collaboration with the Biography Handbook. I designed this elicitation tool to elicit creative and inspirational responses from secondary stakeholders. This was especially important because of our limited access to communication and interaction with the primary stakeholder, the AD participant.
[Prototype A: Storyboard] [ August 2004 ] This storyboard was contributed by Simona Mindy, a research assistant in this project
[Prototype B: HTML Prototype] [ October 2004 ] These photographs show the HTML prototype, which was a collaborative effort and implemented by Simona Mindy. It explores some esthetics, use cases, navigations, and design choices in the system.
[Prototype C: DVD Prototype] [ November 2004 ] These photographs show the DVD prototype, which expands upon the HTML prototype, and explores further design issues.
[Presentation to the DGP lab] [ November 2004 ] This presentation included a demo of the DVD prototype and elicited intitial feedback from colleagues.
[Input Devices for the DVD Prototypes] [ January 2005 ] These figures show several input devices that I created for the DVD prototypes. One is a single button remote control, another is a photo album metaphor.


[CHI Short Paper]
(Link Coming Soon)
[ April 2005 ] Cohene, T., Baecker, R., Marziali, E., ‘Designing Interactive Life Story Multimedia for a Family Affected by Alzheimer’s Disease,’ To appear in Proceedings of CHI, Portland, 2005
[CHI Workshop Paper] [ April 2004 ] Cohene, T., Baecker, R., Marziali, E., in 'Home Technologies to Keep Elders Connected' workshop , CHI, Vienna, 2004


[PhotoFile: A Tool For Documenting Observations] [ December 2003 ] This is a link to a poster that outlines the design process for a device that I envisioned, researched, designed, prototyped (PPT), and tested. The device is a portable tool designed for field workers who need to annotate their photographs and observations. I was presented with an award (see below) for this work.


[Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care] [ June 2004 ] I am holder of the Max and Ruth Wiseman Graduate Student Fellowship from the Kunin-Lunenfeld Applied Research Unit (KLARU) of Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care. Research initiatives and programs at KLARU are designed to enhance the quality of care and life of the elderly.
[Knowledge Media Design Institute (KMDI)] [ December 2003 ] I recieved an award from the Knowledge Media Design Institute at the University of Toronto for a design project called PhotoFile: A Tool For Documenting Observations.

Other Research Projects

[Interview Design and Techniques]
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[ August 2004 ] I researched the effects of employing different interview tactics when conducting socio-technical requirements elicitation.
[Baycrest Caring For Others (CFO) Usability Qualitative Analysis] [ July 2004 ] I conducted a usability analysis for the Caring For Others (CFO) system at the Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care. CFO is a support system for seniors who are caregivers of spouses with Dementia. The system includes a video conferencing feature, access to resources, chat and email. As part of the usability analysis I am also conducting a requirements analysis for new system enhancements.
[Learning Communities and directions for their sustainability] [ May 2004 ] I contributed to the Institute For Knowledge Innovation and Technology (IKIT) through the Knowledge Society Network (KSN), a society established by IKIT at the University of Toronto. I was a research consultant for KSN co-investigators and I contributed research on Learning Communities and directions for their sustainability.