Tira Cohene - TA Resources

Tira Cohene
Dynamic Graphics Project
Human Computer Interaction
University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Email: tcohene [at] dgp [dot] toronto [dot] edu

TA Resources [CSC318 - Winter 2004]

[Tips for Forming Groups] [ January 2004 ] Tips on group work and team management.
[Tips on Assignment Grading] [ September 2004 ] Tips on What the TAs are looking for when grading assignments
[Tips for Assignment 2] [ January 2004 ] Tips on conducting field work, forming conceptual models, generating task analyses, generating use cases, generating scenarios, and gathering requirements.
[Tips for Assignment 3] [ February 2004] Tips on conceptual design, listing functionalities, describing more scenarios, and prototyping.
[Tips for Assignment 4] [ March 2004] Tips on usability and usefulness, conducting tests, and evaluating results.
[Presentation on Usefulness and Usability] [ Novemeber 2003 ] An introduction to usefulness and usability given in the CSC318 Fall 2004.