Rinat Abdrashitov

Status: PhD student

Email: rinat[at]dgp.toronto.edu

Office: BA 5194, 40 St. George Street.

CV: Resume.pdf [2017]

About Me

I am a PhD student in Computer Science at the University of Toronto, working in the DGP lab under sepervision of Prof. Karan Singh. I received my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in 2012 and Master of Science in 2015 under supervision of Prof. Karan Singh and Prof. Ravin Balakrishnan.

I also previoulsy worked at Xtreme  Labs as a mobile app developer, Adobe Research and Conceptualiz Inc. Currently I am working as an R&D engineer at SideFx.


A System for Efficient 3D-Printed Stop-Motion Face Animation

Rinat Abdrashitov, Alec Jacobson, Karan Singh (Siggraph 2020)

[PDF]  [Project page]

Interactive Shape Modeling using a Skeleton-Mesh Co-Representation

J. Andreas Bærentzen, Rinat Abdrashitov, Karan Singh. (SIGGRAPH 2014)

[PDF]  [Project page]

Mosaic: Sketch-Based Interface for Creating Digital Decorative Mosaics.

Rinat Abdrashitov, Emilie Guy, J. Yao, Karan Singh. Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modeling, 2014

Best Paper Award



System and Method for Interactive 3D Modelling of Surgical Implants

Richard Hurley, Rinat Abdrashitov, Karan Singh, Ravin Balakrishnan, James McCrae

(US Patent filed 2015).