Designing Speech and Multimodal Interactions for Mobile, Wearable, & Pervasive Applications

CHI 2016 Workshop, San Jose, CA


Session Title Authors
1: Saturday afternoon Designing Multimodal Tools for Parents of Premature Babies Péter Pál Boda (Aalto University),  Akos Vetek (University of Tampere)
1: Saturday afternoon Voice Access to Music: Evolution from DSLI 2014 to DSLI 2016 Aidan Kehoe, Denis O'Keeffe, Asif Ahsan (Logitech), Amer Chamseddine (EPFL Switzerland)
1: Saturday afternoon Benefit, Design And Evaluation Of Multimodal Interaction Stefan Schaffer, Norbert Reithinger (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence – DFKI)
1: Saturday afternoon Speech in Multimodal Interaction: Exploring Modality Preferences of Hearing Impaired Older Adults Stephanie Schwarz, Julia Himmelsbach, Ulrich Lehner,  Diotima Bertel, Manfred Tscheligi (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology)
2: Sunday morning Towards Spoken Language Interfaces for Mobile Applications Yun-Nung Chen, Ming Sun, Alexander I. Rudnicky (Carnegie Mellon University)
2: Sunday morning Speech Processing Technology and Challenges for Wearable Devices Randy Gomez, Kazuhiro Nakadai, Keisuke Nakamura (Honda Research Institute), Levko Ivanchuk (University of Manitoba), Takeshi Mizumoto (Honda Research Institute), Pourang Irani (University of Manitoba)
2: Sunday morning Using Speech for End User Programming of Smart Environments in the Internet of Things Thomas Kubitza (University of Stuttgart)
2: Sunday morning Demo of Tonetable Blaise Potard, Matthew Aylett  (Cereproc)
3: Sunday afternoon Leveraging Randomness in Continuous Speech Recognition for Creative Design Sessions Salvatore Andolina, Antti Jylhä, Giulio Jacucci (University of Helsinki)
3: Sunday afternoon Dialogue Systems for Language Learning and their Complications Sean Robertson, Gerald Penn, Cosmin Munteanu (University of Toronto)
3: Sunday afternoon Towards Healthcare Screening in the Wild Stefan Scherer, University of Southern California
3: Sunday afternoon Let’s Talk about Dialogue: The Case of Alignment and Partner Modelling in Human-Computer Dialogue Ben Cowan (University College Dublin)