Tira Cohene

Tira Cohene
Dynamic Graphics Project, Human Computer Interaction
University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
Email: tcohene [at] dgp [dot] toronto [dot] edu

Tira Cohene is a Master’s student of Human-Computer Interaction at the DGP Laboratory, University of Toronto, Canada. She received a double major in Computer Science and Cognitive science from McGill University, in Montreal, Canada. Tira has over a year of industry experience in the design and configuration of applications for specialized needs. Currently, she is working with Ron Baecker, Ph.D. and Elsa Marziali, Ph.D. on the design of interactive personalized life story multimedia for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. She has completed the pilot sudy for this research project, including:

  • Conducting investigative research on Alzheimer’s disease, psychosocial intervention methods, and design methods
  • Conducting ethnographic work at the Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care
  • Conducting interviews with secondary stakeholders, family members, friends, caregivers, social workers, and recreational therapists
  • Conducting participatory design sessions with secondary stakeholders involving a dynamic storyboard
  • Designing supplemental guides for participant families
  • Filming interviews, narratives, scenic footage; Digitizing home videos and photographs
  • Editing and producing DVD prototypes
  • Designing, implementing and engineering input devices from remote controls
  • Testing DVD prototypes with participants and families
  • Conducting qualitative analyses on results

New Research Updates and Links

[CHI 2005 Short Paper] [ April 2005 ] Cohene, T., Baecker, R., Marziali, E., ‘Designing Interactive Life Story Multimedia for a Family Affected by Alzheimer’s Disease,’ To appear in proceedings of CHI. Portland, 2005
[Input Devices for the DVD Prototypes] [ January 2005 ] This is a link to figures of several input devices that I created for the DVD prototypes. One is a single button remote control, another is a photo album metaphor.