Stop Abuse For Everyone
  • Information on SAFE - how SAFE was started, who we are, and what we are out to do.

  • Personal Accounts from DV Survivors - people talk about their experiences with domestic violence.

  • I would like to do something about domestic violence and make a difference in the world! Connect with other people all over the world that are working on this issue and join in local, national, and international efforts!

  • Q&A Bulletin Board, an area to ask others questions, look for information, and interact with other SAFE visitors.

Stop Abuse For Everyone is a non-profit organization that provides advocacy, information, and support for men and women who are the victims of domestic violence. We set up and advocate for services for men and women, straight, gay, or lesbian, with the vision of a world of powerful, supportive relationships, free of violence. SAFE concentrates on domestic violence against straight men, gay men, and lesbian women, because few services exist for these groups.

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