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Short CV
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Alexis Angelidis
Graphics Research & Creations

PhD in Computer Graphics
Masters in Computer Graphics, IVR (Imagery, Vision and Robotic)
Computer Science Engineering, EPITA (School for Computer Science and Advanced Techniques)
Dept. of Computer Science
40 St. George St.
Toronto, M5S 2E4
e-mail: silex [at]
phone: (416) 978-7777

Blue Education
2005-present  Post-doc at the DGP (Toronto, Canada). Advisor: Karan Singh.
  • Research in fluid and character animation.
  • 2002-2005  PhD at the Graphics Lab, Otago University (Dunedin, New Zealand). Advisors: Geoff Wyvill, Marie-Paule Cani and Brendan McCane.
  • Development of deformer techniques for shape modeling including sweepers and swirling-sweepers, and fluid simulation.
  • 2000-2001  Masters in Computer Graphics at INPG (National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble, France). Advisor: Marie-Paule Cani.
  • Curriculum internship on multi-resolution implicit surfaces at {\bf iMAGIS-GRAVIR} laboratory (1/2001--6/2001).
  • 1998-2001  Engineering in Computer Science at EPITA (School for Computer Science and Advanced Techniques, Paris, France).
  • Curriculum internship on 3D object reconstruction from image sequences, at the TSI (Signal-Image Processing) Lab., ENST (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications), in collaboration with the Musée du Louvre (10/1999--12/1999). Advisor: Francis Schmitt.
  • Blue Experience
  • Natural History Filmmaking and Communication (New Zealand). 40 seconds of 3D animated scenes for ``Exhuming Adams'', a documentary about an extinct Mistletoe, using Maya. Freelance (20/04/2005--03/05/2005). Directed and produced by Brant Backlund and Thassilo Franke.
  • Natural History Filmmaking and Communication . 40 seconds of 3D animated scenes for ``Back to the Ice'', a documentary on Antarctica, using Maya. Freelance (05/05/2005--10/05/2005). Produced and directed by Mike Booth and Chris Kugelman.
  • ARL (Animation Research Ltd, New Zealand). Photoshop photo-editing (11/2004).
  • CAT (Character Animation Technology, New Zealand) 3DS Max scripting (2003).
  • Research on intestines virtual surgery at iMAGIS-GRAVIR laboratory (7/2001--9/2001).

    Blue Awards & scholarship
    Best paper award at Pacific Graphics'04, for the Swirling-Sweepers technique.
    Best paper award at SMI'04, for the Sweepers technique.
    2002-2005 The Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Fund Scholarship.

    Blue References, Publications, Tech Reports, Languages:

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