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Here's some samples of my arty creations, have fun...

  Life drawing
Drawing time ranges from 5 minutes to 20 minutes. This is raw material, without any post-processing (except framing).
sketch000 sketch001 sketch002 sketch003 sketch004 sketch005
sketch006 sketch007 sketch008 sketch009 sketch010 sketch011

  3D Creations
Mistletoe Trilepidea adamsii (Adams mistletoe) documentary scenes. This flower is now extinct. Sample images show the flower, bellbird and tui: image 1, image 2, image 3, image 4, image 5.
Software: Maya.
Antarctica Antarctica documentary scenes. The Earth's shader switches on the city lights at night.
Software: Maya.
Pixie Paf Pixie falling from a tree. In such a little brain, it takes a while to remember you've got wings.
This folk was modeled and rendered with maya; he's got an internal skeleton that controls limbs, wings, antennas, eyelids, eyeballs size, fingers, tong and hat. Software: Maya.
Shadok Shadoks in space
- Short animation co-produced with Sylvain Lefebvre, in the framework of the Animation Techniques class. Software: Blender.

  2D Creations
Mago Dark Warp Jack Ghost
RAAARG Adolf RAAARG Julius Voeux 2002 Linux Frog Fr Etees

SCR00 Little game I'm writing in my spare time. The waves run in real-time, using this technique .
Other screen-shots: shot1, shot2.
Etees Cover Etees, a game by Sylvain Lefebvre and myself. You can download it on this website.

  Less virtual stuff
Here you'll find a bit of non-virtual modeling, in a personal attempt to understand what's so terrible about non-virtual materials, and why the hell virtual-clay could be a lot better! I modeled these with DAS modeling clay (soon I'll try some polymer clay), and painted them with acrylic (btw, use synthetic brushes with that stuff). I don't show the pencil design/study step, which is about half of the work required to model a character.
Clay00 Clay01 Clay02 Size = 16.5cm.
A puppet-wizard from a corrupted magic world. He was made with a wireframe skeleton, to hold the weight of the clay.
Clay06 Clay07 Size = 5cm.
A screwy little etees squirrel. Some parts were modeled separately, and stitched to the body when dry (otherwise I'd never be able to get the palm of the hands for instance). This one is to be compared to the yellow squirrel above, which looks a lot more to what I had in mind.
Clat10 Clay12 Size = 3.5cm.
That's a study for a caricatural Death character, in a short animation that was never made... the challenge is to give an facial expression to a skull... not happy in this case.
Clay3 Clay5 Clay4 Size = 10cm (without removable hat).
This pixie is entirely made out of clay; there is no internal metal structure. This one is to be compared with the virtual one above.
Clay8 Clay9 Clay13 Clay model size = 5cm.
Latex mask size = 28cm.
The clay-model was a study to understand the muscles and style of Shrek's head... sort of reverse engineering. After that, I made a big soft-clay head, poured plaster all around it, removed the clay and used the latex in the plaster-mould to get that mask.