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  Bio, interests, and something like that...

Alexis' objective is to mix his skills in art and science to support creative people, and explore the limits of artist-driven computer graphics. He made his first contact with computer graphics about 10 years ago, doing 3d stuff with whatever available software. Now his main leisure and professional interests orbit around graphics , whether digital or material. His research projects are somehow related to modeling and animating organic things, and he's taking an interest in fluid dynamics and character animation . He is currently doing a post-doc at the DGP (U. of Toronto, Canada), after recently finishing a PhD mainly on shape modelling with deformers at the Graphics & Vision Lab (U. of Otago, New Zealand). Prior to this, he worked on implicit surfaces at iMAGIS (INRIA, France). And before that, he did an internship on surface reconstruction of statues from the Louvre, at the ENST. Also, once in a while, he does some commissioned artwork , stills or animated ... see a few samples of his creations.