Mike holding a bass

Michael Pratscher
map [at] dgp [dot] toronto [dot] edu

Graduate Student
Dynamic Graphics Project
Department of Computer Science
University of Toronto

Resumé [pdf] [doc]

Advisor: Karan Singh

Teaching Assistant: CSC 418/2504 - Computer Graphics

Resurrector / Assistant Coordinator: dgp Graphics Research Meeting


Outside-In Anatomy Based Character Rigging Outside-In Anatomy Based Character Rigging. Michael Pratscher, Patrick Coleman, Joe Laszlo, and Karan Singh. ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation, pp. 329-338, 2005.

Academic Projects at a Glance:

The Bug The Bug - a functional digital model
Bezier curve editor Bezier curve editor
Cubic B-Spline curve editor Cubic B-Spline curve editor
'incomplete' 'incomplete' - an animated short film


Bullet Summer 2006
Bullet Winter 2006
Bullet Fall 2005
Bullet Summer 2005
Bullet Winter 2005
Bullet Fall 2004
Bullet Winter 2004
Bullet Fall 2003

For Fun:

SIGGRAPH 2006 SIGGRAPH 2006 Student Volunteer
LD48 8th Ludum Dare 48 Hour Programming Challenge
TFC24 24 Hour Toronto Film Challenge
GDC72 72 Hour Game Development Competition
SCP Simulated Comic Product by Kevin Forbes

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