CSC 418/2504 Fall 2007 Online Information

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Course notes and study material

The first point of reference is material covered in lectures and tutorials. Lectures will use a mix of slides for the more visual material and the blackboard for more mathematical concepts. Lectures will be as interactive as possible for a large class-size so come prepared. Topics covered by week can be found here and the slide sets used in the lectures below.

Fall 2007 lecture slides

Only material explicitly covered in the lectures will be tested in the exams. Further detail with examples and exercises for the material covered in the lectures can be found in the online lecture notes below.

Lecture notes

The lecture notes in turn, point to readings in (P. Shirley, Fundamentals of Computer Graphics, A. K. Peters, 2002) if further clarification is required. Finally openGL is the platform for graphics programming used in the course. openGL syntax will not be taught in the lectures but will be covered in the tutorials. The openGL programming references below are also useful.

OpenGL quick reference

OpenGL Programming Reference (Blue Book)

Shahzad Malik's tutorial notes

Jacky Bibliowicz' tutorial notes


Advice to undergrads who want to apply to graduate school:

Every year I get a number of students asking for recommendations in support of graduate school applications. Recommendations carry a lot of weight for grad. school applications and a referee who can say a lot about you as a person and your research potential can help you a lot more than one that can only echo the grade you got in a course with a large enrolment like 418. Those of you that have an interest in doing further work in graphics should thus try and excel in the freeform part of the course like assignment three and/or work more closely with graphics faculty through a capstone course CSC 490/491, and independent study 494/495, or by signing up for a graduate course like CSC 2529.

Reference Material and Links of interest