Joonho Kim

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I am currently a Ph.D candidate of computer science at the University of Toronto advised under Professor Karan Singh in the Dynamic Graphics Project lab. My research explores tools that facilitate the creation and design exploration of animation.

I am also currently a course instructor at the University of Toronto as I enjoy teaching and working with students - I'm interested in pedagogy and how to convey complex ideas to students through creative and engaging methods. In the future I hope to continue teaching in academia.

I completed my B.S. in Computer Science and M.S. in Computer Science (Computer Graphics) at the Georgia Institute of Technology where I worked with Professor Greg Turk on 3D fabrication and Professor Jarek Rossignac on truss-lattice tetrahedral structures.

I enjoy serving my church, buying specialty coffee, and training Olympic Weightlifting (sn: 85kg, c&j: 100kg).


Squidgets: Sketch-based Widget Design and Direct Manipulation of 3D Scene
Joonho Kim
pdf| website

Optimizing UI Layouts for Deformable Face-Rig Manipulation
Joonho Kim, Karan Singh
ACM SIGGRAPH North America, 2021
pdf| website


CSC108: Introduction to Computer Programming
University of Toronto, Summer 2024

CSC148: Introduction to Computer Science
University of Toronto, Winter 2024

CSC108: Introduction to Computer Programming
University of Toronto, Fall 2023

CS 1332: Data Structures & Algorithms
Georgia Tech, Summer 2018

Georgia Institute
of Technology
2012 - 2016
Georgia Institute
of Technology
2017 - 2018
University of Toronto
2019 - 2024