Karan Singh




voice: (416) 978-7201

fax: (416) 978-4765

office: Room BA5258, Bahen Center

lab: Dynamic Graphics Project


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Karan Singh, Computer Science,

Univ. of Toronto, 40 St. George Street,

Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 2E4.

   research interests are in interactive graphics, spanning art and visual perception, geometric and anatomic modeling, facial and character animation, sketch-based techniques and interfaces for mobile/AR/VR.      
  Research Themes        

Sketch and Sculpt Interfaces

Often called “natural” approaches to interactive design, there are a number of inherent limitations in human motor control, drawing and sculpting skill,  perceptual bias, and  ambiguities of inference,  that make these interfaces for visual communication challenging to design. Over the past decade our research has produced a number of groundbreaking systems ilovesketch, meshmixer, crossshade, true2form, and neobarok.


Mathematical Surface Representations for Conceptual Design

From 2003-2012 (the duration of the MITACS NCE), I led a project on the mathematics of shape representation that produced over 100 publications.


Interactive Character Animation (INCA)

The art of character setup leaves an animator unencumbered, like a puppeteer, free to focus on the formidable task of bringing a character to life. I designed and developed character and facial animation tools for Maya 1.0, and have since been fascinated by what lies beneath the surface. I often work in this area with long time collaborator and friend Chris Landreth, and am also part of the Parametric Human Project. My focus is on the most expressive parts of our anatomy: face and hands.


Artistic Projection and Rendering

My interest in this area is to use non-photo realism as a tool for self-expression, arguably the purpose of all art, but in my work as a visual manifestation of Nin's observation "we dont see things as they are, we see them as we are".


Transcendent Reality

In 1994 I was fortunate to work on the first virtual space tele-conferencing system (left) at ATR. My interests in AR/VR today go beyond an augmented world, to one where reality is subtracted, abstracted and transformed, or more generally transcended. JanusVR is a step in that direction.



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