Stargazer: An Interactive Camera Robot for Capturing How-To Videos Based on Subtle Instructor Cues

2023 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Jiannan Li1MaurĂ­cio Sousa1Karthik Mahadevan1Bryan Wang1Paula Akemi Aoyagui1
Nicole Yu1Angela Yang1Ravin Balakrishnan1Anthony Tang2Tovi Grossman1
1University of Toronto   2Singapore Management University  

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Stargazer is an interactive camera robot that helps instructors to create engaging and informative physical skill instruction videos.


It autonomously tracks regions of interest, and changes behaviours according to subtle cues, including instructors’ body movements, gestures, and speech.

Most of the time, Stargazer follows the instructors' hand actions.

Instructors can use gestures to change what the robot tracks. For example, a pointing gesture has the robot focus on the object being pointed at.

They can further use speech to change camera parameters, such as angle and zoom levels.

Our participants were able to create how-to videos on a diverse range of topics using Stargazer. Please see our paper for more details, and the supplemental materials for more video results.