Bryan Wang


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Bryan Wang is a Computer Science Ph.D. student at the University of Toronto. working with Prof. Tovi Grossman at the Dynamic Graphics Project Lab.

His research interests lie within the intersection of human-computer interaction (HCI) and artificial intelligence (AI). He develops and studies interactive AI systems to empower users to accomplish complex tasks more efficiently, with a particular emphasis on solving critical problems related to creativity, productivity, and learning.

He received his bachelor’s degree in computer science from National Taiwan University, where he worked with the Taiwan MusicAI Lab and NTU HCI Lab. He interned at Google Research and Adobe Research and will be interning with Meta Reality Labs - Research in Redmond this summer.


Jul 28, 2023 I am co-organizing the ICML AI and HCI workshop, submit your work!
Apr 12, 2023 Gave a talk at Meta Reality Lab’s HCI seminar. Enjoyed the great discussions!
Mar 31, 2023 Excited to serve on the program committee of UIST 2023.
Jan 13, 2023 Three papers accepted to CHI 2023. Details to come.
Jan 12, 2023 Gave a talk at Prof. Takeo Igarashi’s Lab at Univeristy of Tokyo. Thanks for having me.
Oct 30, 2022 Presented paper Record Once, Post Everywhere: Automatic Shortening of Audio Stories for Social Media at UIST 2022 in Bend, Oregon.
Oct 27, 2022 Project page for Record Once, Post Everywhere (ROPE) is up!
May 31, 2022 Started an in-person summer internship with Yang Li at Google Research in Mountain View, CA.
May 9, 2022 Wrapped up a remote internship with Gautham J. Mysore and Zeyu Jin at Adobe Research.