Jacobo Bibliowicz Schuster


My photo Graduate Student
Dynamic Graphics Project
Dept. of Computer Science
University of Toronto
Supervisor: Karan Singh
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I am currently employed at Autodesk Research. You can find more about me through this link.

Research Interests

My interests are anything computer graphics. In particular, I'm interested in surface modeling and deformation and the mathematics of shape: differential geometry, exterior calculus, and geometric algebra.


Staggered Poses teaser image Staggered Poses: A Character Motion Representation for Detail-Preserving Editing of Pose and Coordinated Timing.
Patrick Coleman, Jacobo Bibliowicz, Karan Singh, Michael Gleicher.
Symposium on Computer Animation 2008.

bullet Abstract:

We introduce staggered poses--a representation of character motion that explicitly encodes coordinated timing among movement features in different parts of a character's body. This representation allows us to provide sparse, pose-based controls for editing motion that preserve existing movement detail, and we describe how to edit coordinated timing among extrema in these controls for stylistic editing. The staggered pose representation supports the editing of new motion by generalizing keyframe-based workflows to retain high-level control after local timing and transition splines have been created. For densely-sampled motion such as motion capture data, we present an algorithm that creates a staggered pose representation by locating coordinated movement features and modeling motion detail using splines and displacement maps. These techniques, taken together, enable feature-based keyframe editing of dense motion data.

[project] [pdf]
DimP teaser image Video Browsing by Direct Manipulation.
Pierre Dragicevic, Gonzalo Ramos, Jacobo Bibliowicz, Derek Nowrouzezahrai, Ravin Balakrishnan, Karan Singh.
SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2008.

bullet Abstract:

We present a method for browsing videos by directly drag-ging their content. This method brings the benefits of direct manipulation to an activity typically mediated by widgets. We support this new type of interactivity by: 1) automati-cally extracting motion data from videos; and 2) a new technique called relative flow dragging that lets users control video playback by moving objects of interest along their visual trajectory. We show that this method can out-perform the traditional seeker bar in video browsing tasks that focus on visual content rather than time.

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Masters teaser image An Automated Rigging System for Facial Animation.
Jacobo Bibliowicz.
M.S. Thesis, Cornell University, 2005.

bullet Abstract:

We present a system for the automated rigging of human face models, providing a significant time savings for this arduous task. Our system takes advantage of previous work which deforms a reference facial surface to conform to new face models. In particular, we have matched our reference model to digitized human faces. We parameterize the construction of the reference rig on the surface topology of the reference model; thus, the rig can be procedurally reconstructed onto deformed copies of the model.
The animation parameters of our rig are based on the expressive muscles of the face. We present a novel skin/muscle model, based on wire deformers and point constraints, to implement this parameterization. The model supports any number of muscle contractions about a particular skin patch, yet gives the artist ultimate control over the shape of the deformation.
Finally, we present a flexible environment for loading, rigging, and animating new models quickly and effectively.

[project] [pdf] (selected chapters, e-mail me for the full text)


parametric skeleton Parametric skeleton project.
rig capture Rig capture project.
physxDraw Physically-based drawing program.
raytracer Monte Carlo ray tracer.
characters 3D characters I have created.
shaderDev GLSL shader testing program.