Here I put some latest pictures, which are taken by my Nikon Coolpix 4300 (cool camera, wonderful picture quality, but a little clumsy when deleting pictures). I will add more once available.

Canadian National Exhibition, Sep 1

CNE's 125 Anniversary. CN Tower in the north.

"Bingo" in legend

Expert in center of gravity

Me, to be deleted...

Beautiful horse

Famous air show, but my camera...

Band in the street

Royal Ontario Meseum, Sep 12

Indian Lord of Dance


Dinosaur (good picture, isn't it)

Can you tell specimem from picture?

Maple and deer

Beatiful church window


Fine glasses

Me, but a little blurred...

Mummy returns

Dept of Computer Science

Bahen Center

Inside BA

Modern style

Lobby, 5170 is my office

Leftmost cubic is mine

My cubic

Maple Trees in High Park

The first maple tree I saw

Landscape: desktop picture candidate

Desktop candidate (2)

Maple (sunset mode)

Maple (sunset mode)

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