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Courses I've taken or am currently taking:

Fall 2005
KMDI1001: Fundamental Concepts in Knowledge Media Design
Instructor: Ronald Baecker
Description: Knowledge media are systems incorporating computer and communications technology that enhance human thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration, and learning. Examples include the Web, email, instant messaging, knowledge management systems, digital libraries, collaborative virtual environments, video conferencing environments, and webcasting systems. This course reviews the emerging field of knowledge media design, and the use of digital media for communications, collaboration, and learning.

CSC2125: Topics in Software Engineering
Instructor: Greg Wilson
Description: This course introduces students with backgrounds in science and engineering to core software engineering practices that will improve their productivity the most. Topics range from using version control systems to track changes to documents and data files, and automating unit tests to ensure that once a bug is fixed, it stays fixed, to using web-based tools to streamline and coordinate small research teams.