Discrete Exponential Map Demo

Original ExpMap (SIGGRAPH 2006 Paper): [Win32 Binaries] [Source (VS2005)]
Robust ExpMap (2010 PhD Thesis): [Source (VS2008)]
Command Line ExpMap: [Source (VS2008)]



ExpMapDemo is an interactive demo program which implements the Discrete Exponential Map local surface parameterization technique described in:

Interactive Decal Compositing with Discrete Exponential Maps. Ryan Schmidt, Cindy Grimm, Brian Wyvill. ACM Transactions on Graphics, 25(3), July 2006, pp. 605-613. [PDF] [Video] [ACM DL]

UI controls:

left mouse - move ExpMap seed
ctrl+left - scale expmap
shift+left - rotate expmap

alt+left - orbit
alt+middle - pan
alt+right - dolly

'f' - load new .obj mesh
'd' - cycle parameterization display modes
'w' - wireframe toggle
+/- - scale expmap in fixed steps
q - quit

This code is released under the Boost 1.0 License, so you can use it for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial.


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