Software Download:

Free download for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

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Installation instructions for those who have NOT used BargelloSketcher before:

The short version:

  1. Click "Download Now" (above) to download a file called bargello-setup.exe.
  2. Run bargello-setup.exe.

The step-by-step version:

  1. Click the "Download Now" button above.

  2. When asked, say that you want to save the file bargello-setup.exe. You may save it to any folder you like. Some browsers automatically save files to a folder called Downloads.

  3. Click on the Windows "Start Menu" in the lower-left corner of your screen, and then click on "My Computer."

  4. Navigate to the folder where you saved bargello-setup.exe.

  5. Double-click on bargello-setup.exe, and then follow the instructions in the setup Wizard.

Installation instructions for those who have BargelloSketcher 0.2 (beta):

You should begin by following the directions above for downloading the new version (1.0). It will install "beside" the previous version (0.2), meaning that you can have both versions on your computer at once. The new version will appear in your Start Menu as "BargelloSketcher" (with no space), while the previous version will appear as "Bargello Sketcher."

Next, you have a choice to make. The issue is that the new version won't automatically be able to display designs you created using the old version if those designs made use of imported fabric images, because those images are not yet available to the new version. To deal with this, you should choose one of the following options.

  1. Simplest: If you do not have any designs created with BargelloSketcher 0.2 (beta) that you want to continue using, and if you did not import fabrics that you want to continue using, then you can simply uninstall BargelloSketcher 0.2 (beta) and use the newly installed BargelloSketcher 1.0 for creating new designs.

  2. Also simple: You can retain both versions of BargelloSketcher on your computer, using the previous version to view designs you created with that version, and using the new version to create new designs. This option is simple for today, but it may turn out to be a nuisance down the road if you try to open your old designs with the new version: they won't be displayed correctly. Also your new version will not include the fabrics you imported into the old version unless you import them again.

  3. Alternatively, you can follow the (fairly easy) steps below to set up the new version of BargelloSketcher with the fabrics you imported into the previous version. This will allow the new version to correctly display your previous designs. If you do this, you must do so before importing any fabrics into the new version.

    1. After installing BargelloSketcher 1.0 as described above, open Windows' "My Computer" and use it to navigate to the folder where BargelloSketcher 0.2 (beta) is stored. This is probably c:\Program Files\Bargello Sketcher. (Note the space between Bargello and Sketcher.)

    2. Inside this folder you will find another folder called "fabrics". Copy the "fabrics" folder and its contents from the BargelloSketcher 0.2 (beta) folder into the BargelloSketcher 1.0 folder. The latter is probably located at c:\Program Files\BargelloSketcher (with no space). If you are asked whether you want to overwrite existing files in the BargelloSketcher 1.0 folder, say yes.

    3. Now run BargelloSketcher 1.0 to make sure that your fabrics were imported correctly. Once your fabrics appear correctly in the BargelloSketcher 1.0, you can uninstall the previous version.

    Caveat: A bug was discovered in BargelloSketcher 0.2 (beta) which could cause the fabric database to get corrupted. If the fabrics in your BargelloSketcher 0.2 version do not seem to be displaying correctly, then you should probably choose either Option A or Option B above and start fresh with new fabrics.