mug shot Maciej Kalisiak

Welcome to my little corner of the Web. My name is Maciej Kalisiak. Here, in a nutshell, are my academic particulars:

  • I have just completed my PhD degree in Computer Science at University of Toronto (convocation: June 2008).
  • I received a M.A.Sc. degree (in Computer Engineering) from University of Toronto in 1999.
  • I received a B.A.Sc. degree (in Electrical Engineering) from University of Waterloo in 1997.
  • My advisor is Michiel van de Panne.
  • I have been studying motion planning.
  • My other academic interests include:
    • computer graphics & animation
    • machine learning
    • control theory
    • usability & human-computer interaction
    • game theory


I have moved into industry, and have been working for Google Waterloo since 2008. This site hasn't been maintained since.

For more recent info, please visit: