Gestural Motion Editing using Mobile Devices

Noah Lockwood and Karan Singh

MiG '16: Proceedings of the 2016 ACM SIGGRAPH Conference on Motion in Games.


We present novel techniques for interactively editing the motion of an animated character by gesturing with a mobile device. Our approach is based on the notion that humans are generally able to convey motion using simple and abstract mappings from their own movement to that of an animated character. We first explore the feasibility of extracting robust sensor data with sufficiently rich features and low noise, such that the signal is predictably representative of a user's illustrative manipulation of the mobile device. In particular, we find that the linear velocity and device orientation computed from the motion sensor data are well-suited to the task of interactive character control. We show that these signals can be used for two different methods of interactively editing the locomotion of an animated human figure: discrete gestures for editing single motions, and continuous gestures for editing ongoing motions. We illustrate these techniques using various types of motion edits which affect jumps, strides and turning.



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