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Industrial motivations for conceptual design (Karan Singh) Eurographics Tutorial 2005.

Spatial Deformations (Karan Singh) Eurographics Tutorial 2005.

Psychorealism: Artist driven interactive graphics (Karan Singh) MITACS Annual meeting 2005.

Mathematical Surface Representations for Conceptual Design (Richard Zhang) MITACS BOD 2004.

Feature Based Retargeting of Parameterized Geometry (Karan Singh) IEEE GMP 2004.

MITACS IT Theme Meeting (Karan Singh, 2003).

Conceptual Automotive Styling Tools (CAST) (Karan Singh) 2002, 2003.


Cords: Keyframe Control of Curves with Physical Properties (Patrick Coleman) SIGGRAPH 2004.

3D Mesh Segmentation through Spectral Clustering (Rong Liu), Pacific Graphics 2004.

A suggestive interface for image guided 3D sketching (Steven Tsang) CHI 2004.

An interface for creating and manipulating curves using a high degree-of-freedom input device (Tovi Grossman) CHI 2003.