My research area is HCI (Human Computer Interaction). I will add the latest research project later.

Now I am working on the Vicon motion tracking system and trying to do some gesture-based 3D object manipulation through physical proxy. (It could be really cool, even more impressive than Minority Report :-P)


2003 Fall
CSC2401: Introduction to Computational Complexity by Allan Borodin

Every student in CS@UT should have some theoretical sense, right? Very good course, covering broad areas of complexity (P, NP, PSPACE, BPP, RP, PH, CIRCUIT SIZE ...), though not that "introductory". I benefit a lot from solving the puzzles of every assignments. My answers to the assignments can be found here, most of which are correct.

a1, a1_sol, a2, a2_sol, a3, a3_sol


CSC2515: Machine Learning by Sam Roweis

Great lecturer! Sam is a magician who can explain the most intricate concept in the most plain and intuitive way. Also the content is fantastic, even if you are already an expert, you would definitely get some new insights into machine learning.

For the final project, I did some study of AdaBoost in 3D gesture recognition. Report: ps, pdf; data and source: here


CSC2524: Topics in Interactive Computing by Ravin Balakrishnan

Every guy in HCI should take this course. It certainly is the most important course to me, and the most useful. I am happy to have taken this course because I can start my research from the first term.

Sketching for Interface Design (presentation on  Sept 25), ppt


Teaching Assistant
CSC318: Design of Interactive Computational Media by Ron Baecker

I myself learned a lot from taking lectures and tutoring students. It is a very good course which tells you that what a good design is like and that the users are important. Moreover, I find I am not afraid of speaking to people in English through the tutorials :-)

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