Graduate Skills Seminars, 2010-2011

Organizers: Yashar Ganjali, Aaron Hertzmann
Email: yganjali(at)cs, hertzman(at)dgp.

Graduate school --- and academia, and life --- require balancing many different skills, tasks, and goals. Many of these skills are things you might not have even realized were important when you signed up for grad school, and your advisor probably hasn't had time to explain all of them to you either. These seminars are meant to provide pointers and guidance about these crucial skills. The topics will vary from introductory (e.g., Welcome to grad school) to more advanced (e.g., faculty job search) but everyone in the department are welcome to attend any meeting, including curious undergrads.

The seminars are meant to be very "interactive," with a lot of discussion and Q&A. They will last 60-90 minutes, depending on discussion.

Please send us suggestions for future topics, and feedback on past topics.


All meeting times are Thursdays at 5pm.

DayRoomTopicSpeaker   Slides/Notes
Sep 23  SF 1101   Welcome to Grad School   Aaron Notes
Sep 30SF 1101 Time Management Yashar Slides
Oct 7BA 1200 Writing Papers Aaron Slides
Oct 14BA 1200 Doing Research Derek Corneil
Eyal de Lara
Derek's slides
Eyal's slides
Oct 21 No seminar
Oct 28BA 1200 Industry Jobs Rob Kroeger (Google)
Gord Kurtenbach (Autodesk Research)  
Gord's slides
Nov 4 No seminar
Nov 11BA 1200 Academic Jobs Vassos Hadzilacos
Bianca Schroeder
Bianca's slides
Jan 20 BA 1180 Writing Your Thesis Steve Easterbrook Slides
Feb 10 GB 119 Giving Good Talks David Fleet
Aaron Hertzmann
March 3 BA 1180 Grad Student Panel Martin de Lasa
Inmar Givoni
Oktie Hassanzadeh
Brendan Lucier
Danny Tarlow


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