by Ron Riesenbach and Barbara Whitmer

March 24, 1993

This is number 8 in a series of electronic newsletters for participants of the Ontario Telepresence Project

1. The next Ontario Telepresence Project General Meeting will be held Friday, April 2nd at noon. Ottawa people please go to the Ottawa Engineering group; Toronto people please go to UofT rm. SF2103. Audio and video attendees please notify Barbara Whitmer (tel) 416-978-0778 (fax) 416-978-4765 email: by Friday March 26th.

2. The U of Toronto site will host Dr. Arthur Blade, a senior government representative from Catalunya for a brief discussion and demonstration on Thursday, March 25 from 4-5 pm.

3. Gerald Karam has hired two systems engineers, Chris Passier and Jingping Xie to work with him, Ross and Tom on systems engineering aspects of the project. They begin work at the Ottawa Engineering Group on April 1st and May 3rd, respectively. As well, Dominic Richens begins full-time work on the Project as of April 1. He will work with Bill on applications Development.

4. The Toronto site will also host a visit by the French Ambassador to Canada - Mr. Alfred Sieser-Giallardin, on Friday, April 2nd from 3:15-5:00 pm. Besides the usual demonstrations, Pascale Gros, at Eurecom, will converse with the Ambassador over a video-conference link.

5. The INDIGO field study pre-studies are well underway. Equipment will be installed and the INDIGO staff will be 'on-line' sometime during first week in April.

6. The Multimedia Communications '93 Conference in Banff will take place April 13-16 in Banff, Alberta and the INTERCHI'93 Conference will take place in Amsterdam April 26-29. Several faculty, student and staff members of the Project will be attending these conferences.

7. Ken Schuyler and Dave Cox, our Bell Canada contacts, will have their media-space installation completed shortly. The two of them will be connected by a local IIIF server and a PicTel CODEC to the UofT and OEG sites.

8. Alex Sochaniwskyj, formerly of the Arnott Design Group, has joined ADCOM and has been designated as our Telepresence contact person. Discussions continue with ADCOM on the specific activities we will collaborate on and on making them a full Industry Partner.

9. There will be a visit by researchers from the European Community 'Delta' program to the Toronto site Thursday April 15th as part of their European Mission to Canada. We will host them all morning and they will give a talk on campus at 11:00am. After lunch they go on to visit John Bell and his colleagues at WorldLinx. Details of their visit to follow.

10. The next International Telepresence Project Scientific Meeting will be held in Milano, Italy April 22-23. Ron and Morris will attend on behalf of the Project. Topics on the agenda include implementing a researcher exchange program and developing a demonstration of transatlantic CSCW in 1994.

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