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Bell Canada, a wholly owned subsidiary of BCE Inc., is Canada's largest supplier of telecommunications services. Through its operating divisions, the company provides advanced voice, data and image communications to more than seven million business and residence customers in Quebec and Ontario. The company's operations are federally regulated by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

In 1993, Bell Canada posted consolidated total operating revenues of about $8 billion, 81 per cernt of which were generated from local and long distance telecommunications services. Bell Canada's net income in 1993 was about $870 million.

Loal service revenues are generated mainly by network access services provided to residence and business customers. (Network access services represent, approximately, the number of lines in service.) At the end of 1993, Bell Canada provided some 9.5 million network access services, accounting for about 93 per cent of all such services provided by telephone companies in Quebec and Ontario and about 58 per cent in Canada.

Long distance and network service revenues are derived from long distance services and from the provision of network services such as private line services and business data services.

Bell has one of the most robust and reliable public switched networks in the world. All long distance switches are served by digital technology and by the end of 1994, 99 per cent of local switches will also be fully digital. One of the most important advances in modern telecommunications, digitization is used in conjunction with fiber optics to increase transmission capacity and to enable the introduction of a wide range of advanced services to a greater number of customers.

Bell Canada is committed to being a world leader in telecommunications. Achieving this goal requires excellence in every facet of corporate life and a strong management organization supported by skilled employees working together to provide superior customer service. As of December 31, 1993, Bell employed some 51,000 people.

Bell has long recognized the importance of developing the full potential of its workforce and, as suc on training.

Bell invests over $125 million annually in research and development. It's R&D commitment is strengthened by its affiliation with Bell-Northern Research Ltd. (owned 30 per cent by Bell and 70 per cent by Northern Telecom Ltd.) and with Northern Telecom, which produces much of the state-of-the-art equipment and services that Bell integrates into its operating systems.

Bell Canada owns 100 per cent of Bell SYGMA Inc., the holding company of Bell SYGMA Systems Management Inc., and Bell SYGMA Telecom Solutions Inc. Through operating agreements, these two companies provide Bell with data processing and systems integration services. They also compete for new business in Canada's growing information services market.

Bell Canada also owns 100 per cent of WorldLinx Telecommunications Inc. WorldLinx is an unregulated company providing business customers with high-end telecommunications expertise in such areas as global network interconnection, desktop teleconferencing, electronic messaging and public data base access.

In addition, Bell Canada owns a 100 per cent interest in the directory business division of Tele-Direct (Publications) Inc. This division sells telephone directory advertising, representing approximately 61 per cent of the the Canadian market, and publishes white pages and Yellow Pages* directories for communitites served by Bell Canada.

Bell Canada is the largest single member of Stentor - an alliance of nine major Canadian telephone companies and Telesat Canada. The Stentor alliance is designed to meet the needs and goals of the nation's telecommunications users by accelerating product and service development, enhancing service levels and improving responsiveness to market demands.

*Trademark of Tele-Direct (Publications) Inc.

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