Aaron Hertzmann: Software

Computing Smooth Contours
Software by P. Bénard and A. Hertzmann
Color Compatibility code and data
Software by P. O'Donovan
Interactive Painterly Animation code and executable
Software by P. O'Donovan
Optimizing Walking Optimizing Walking Controllers
Software by J. M. Wang
Removing Camera Shake Camera Shake Removal
Software by R. Fergus
Bossworker: lightweight interface for distributed computation
Software by D. B. Goldman and A. Hertzmann
Rotoscoping Keyframe-Based Tracking for Rotoscoping and Animation
Software by A. Agarwala
Stroke rendering Stroke rendering in C++/OpenGL
Software by A. Hertzmann
Dual-space silhoutte
detection Dual-space silhouette detection
Software by J. Peng.
Non-rigid SFM code Non-rigid structure-from-motion
Software by L. Torresani
Image Analogies Image Analogies software
Software by A. Hertzmann and C. Jacobs
mosey Mosey: Motion Capture Playback and Cleanup software
Software by A. Hertzmann and M. Brand