"Chronic illness and online communities: a positive partnering" (Spring 2009, University of Pennsylvania)
Review paper about current and future opportunities for online communities and people with chronic illness, written for graduate seminar on Health Psychology. [paper]
"A pilot-study examining modifications of the Penn Resiliency Program curriculum on college-aged mentors with West Philadelphia after-school program youth" (Spring 2009, University of Pennsylvania)
Analysis of positive psychology intervention done as an undergraduate in a community-based research experience course. [paper]
"myFroid.com: a usability analysis based on cognitive psychology concepts" with Victoria Schwanda (Spring 2009, University of Pennsylvania)
Results and analysis of a mulit-user study on web application developed for Senior Capstone done for independent study course on Cognitive Psychology. [paper]
"Repressive adaptation in pediatric cancer patients: a review of a possible explanation for unexpected positivity" (Fall 2007, University of Pennsylvania)
Critical analysis of what might explain the positivity of pediatric cancer patients, written for introductory course on Positive Psychology. [paper]
"DiaCure DiaBeater" (Fall 2005, University of Pennsylvania)
Design and feasibility research of a device to prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes in pre-diabetics for Introduction to Bioengineering. [paper]
"Aware but don't care: analysis of teenage food attitudes" (Spring 2005, Seaholm High School)
Senior thesis on the role of popular culture and today's food environment on teenage food attitudes. [paper]