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What is Storeoboard

Storeobaord is a stereoscopic storyboard tool that allows artists to easily explore, experiment, and concepualize ideas in stereo early in the creative pipeline. Storeoboard allows artists to quickly add sketched content to a scene without wasting time on 3D models or creating an underlying infrastructure.

For Filmakers - Stereo Concepts

It is well understood by stereo 3D professionals that due to unique considerations of this medium, to make great stereoscopic 3D movies, stereo concepts need to be considered before shooting; not as an afterthought in post. Concepts such as plane separation, parallax position, and depth budgets are often missing from early planning due to the 2D nature of existing storyboards.

For Designers

For designers, it is often difficult to truly consider and convey concepts that involve multiple depth layers in a design. Often 3D designs are not truly understood until the first prototype is completed.

Fits Existing Pipelines

Storeoboard is the first of its kind, stereoscopic, storyboarding tool. Easily fitting into existing pipelines, Storeoboard allows filmmakers to explore, experiment and conceptualize ideas in stereo early in the planning process, and foresee potential difficulties before committing to longer and costlier techniques such as full Previs models.

Helps Teams Communicate

It allows teams to explore concepts with multiple parallax, and clearly convey those ideas to other team members.

Amazing Results

Storeoboard is the outcome of working with professionals active in the Stereo 3D community, and provides a unique way to engage and plan true stereoscopic content, leading to amazing Stereo 3D results.


Storeoboard is almost ready for PC, and will be available to downloaded from the Windows App Store soon! Check back in a couple of weeks to see if it's available

Looking for Stereoboard for the iPad? We're currently finishing up a version for iOS.
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