About Me

I like to introduce myself as a Technological Innovator & Inventor specializing in developing and using technology for creative purposes and in new ways. You could think of me as a technologist that does art, or an artist that specializes in technology...both are probably correct.

Having a diverse set of skills stemming from Computer Science and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) through to set & lighting design, magic and music, I am able to facilitate joint collaborations, and lead artists and scientists to create, prototype and achieve new, unique and exciting experiences. I am very good with people, having an inclusive, helpful, and respectful nature, and love challenging projects that require one to think outside of the box!

My most recent experiences have taken me into the exciting expanding realms of fully immersive mixed reality environments (XR / AR/ VR). However, feel free to explore my portfolio and/or resume/CV to get a better sense of things I have done.


Many of my recent projects have been proprietary, so, sadly I am unable to share them in much detail. Regardless, I have tried to pull together some of the more interesting projects I have done that showcase some of my ability.

The following is still a work in progress:

Resume and CVs

Feel free to explore my one-page resume and/or longer CV, outlining some of the more notable aspects of my professional career.