Digital Image Fest Episode 005
Anand Agarawala's Bump Top

30 June 2006

Join animator/programmer/engineer and hip-hop artist Anand Agarawala as he gives us a backstage tour of "Bump Top".

From it's beginnings as a 2006 U of T thesis project, to it's rise in fame through the Human-Computer Interaction community, and rising quickly to the top of YouTube, the Bump Top project has captured the imagination of the computer graphics world. 

Anand describes his creative process, the theory behind piles and desktops, and how to survive the onslaught and learn from of the "Digg Effect".

Using creative pop-culture references and slick presentation style, Anand has created a sophisticated and physically hyper-real computer user environment that is also easily understandable and a joy to experience.

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