1. Initialize the following environment variables:

# ----------------------------------------------------------------
setenv APUNIXHOME /var/apunix
setenv IMGTMPDIR /var/spool/lfr
setenv GS_LIB $APUNIXHOME/ps/lib
setenv LFCDIR $APUNIXHOME/lfr/lfc
set path=($path $APUNIXHOME/lfr/bin $APUNIXHOME/imgutil/bin)

# use this if you want to shoot Kodak Gold 100 ASA (prints)
# setenv NTYPE1008 j35gold.lfc

# use this if you want to shoot Kodak Ektachrome 100 ASA Elite II (slides)
setenv NTYPE1008 j35elit2.lfc
# ----------------------------------------------------------------

2. rlogin to rod.vis

3. Put the film into the camera.

4a. To make slides type 'lfrslide slideFile.ps'
4b. To make prints type 'lfrprint printFile.ps'

5. When the display panel on the camera indicates that the recording process is finished,
press the REWIND button and hold it for approximately 2 seconds.

6. Remove the film from the camera after rewinding has finished.