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I am a MS graduate of the Dynamic Graphics Project Lab at the University of Toronto. I am interested in computer graphics, especially computer animation.

I am happily married to my wonderful wife, Sharon. She is a loving, smart, funny and artistic woman. Check out her blog and you will see what I mean.

I enjoy cooking, reading about cooking, and watching cooking shows. Of course, I also enjoy eating.

I love to take pictures. You will very likely to see me with my camera on a sunny non-work day.

You can reach me at:
paulyang at dgp dot toronto dot edu


Sept 2002
to Sep 2004
The University of Toronto, Toronto, ON
M.Sc. Computer Science
Publication in the Research section below.

Sept 1997
to May 2002
The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
B.Sc. Honours, Computer Science, Co-op / Intership


My master's project focuses on physically-based animation. We propose a dynamic control algorithm for swimming based on a simplified fluid model. The simulation runs at interactive rate and the user can control the virtual swimmer to move towards a target. The Swimmer Project page describes our approach and contains links to some important prior work by other groups.

Yang, P., Laszlo, J., and Singh, K. Layered Dynamic Control for Interactive Character Swimming, ACM SIGGRAPH / Euro-graphics Symposium on Computer Animation 2004s, Grenoble, France.

Link to Citeseer for all cited articles


Visual Concepts, San Rafael, CA

Apr 2006 

Software Engineer
Designed and implemented presentation features (camera, overlay, audio, game scripting) for NBA 2K franchise

Games: Credits listed by Moby Games

Electronic Arts Canada, Burnaby, BC

Sept 2004
to Feb 2006
Software Engineer
Designed and implemented presentation, animation, and rendering features of FIFA soccer franchise
Prioritized and drove new features in proprietary animation tools
Implemented offline visualization and editting tool for spherical harmonics irradiance lighting

Games: Credits listed by Moby Games

Radical Entertainment, Vancouver, BC

May 2001
to Aug 2000
Co-op Research Programmer (Internship)
Surveyed research literature and implemented terrain rendering level of detail algorithm
May 2000
to Dec 2000
Co-op Game Programmer (Internship)
Designed and implemented modeling tools in Maya
Implemented components of a snowboarding game

Homestake Canada Inc, Eskay Creek, BC

Dec 1998
to Aug 1999
Co-op Programmer (Internship)
Designed and implemented an integrated mine operation database in Access Conducted user training and presented the system to senior management and engineering staff


2002-2004 Toronto: University of Tornto Fellowship
2002-2003 Toronto: Ontario Graduate Scholarships in Science and Technology
2001 UBC: Computer Science Scholarship
2001 UBC: NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award in Industry
1998-2002 UBC: Dean's Honour List
1998-2002 UBC: Undergraduate Scholar Awards


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