Bumble-Bee Preschool

Primary (Ten-Broeck Elementary)

Kindergarten Mrs. Berry
Gr 1 Mrs. Funk
Gr 2 Ms. Hatrick
Gr 3 Ms. Sasaki
Gr 4 Mr. Delparte
Gr 5 Mr. Doel
Gr 6 Mr. Glenn
Gr 7 Mr. Doerkson

primary music teachers:(recorder/ukelele): i've forgotten
primary gym: Mr. Goertzen

(CCD: Mr. Sweeny, Des McKay, Police officer & wife (forgot the names names), and others..)

Primary Recreation stuff

Pee-Wee Ice Hockey: Abbotsford Pilots
Basketball camp: Athletes in Action (AIA) Camp
Softball camp: AIA softball.
Judo: Abbotsford Judo Club
Beavers: 1st Abbotsford beavers
Cub scouts: ... 1st Abbotsford cub scouts blue scarf with red outlines. I won a KubKar race! a petstore coupon
Gymnastics (Abbotsford Twisters):... some guy named Rusty with brown hair.
Swimming (McMillian Pool): see Swimming/lifeguarding section
Coloring: once I won a soccerball for coloring a rooster in felt which i named Joe.

High School 

Gr. 8-10 W.J. Mouat Secondary
Gr. 11-12 Rick Hansen Secondary

  Grade 8 9 10 11 12
French Mr. DeGagner Mrs. Ladaudio Mrs. Ladaudio Mr Skalazub Mr. Skalazub
Socials Mr. Peterson Mr. Peterson Ms. Scott Mr. Terris Mr. Terris
Math Mr. Lowel (?) Mr. Patzwald Mr. Klassen Mr. Lieuwen Mr. Lieuwen
Science Mr. Comeau Mrs. VanderRooest Mr. Dorgan n/a n/a
English Ms. Kim Ms.Kim->Ms. Martin Mr. McKendy Mr. Chan Mr. Skalazub
Physics n/a n/a n/a Mr. Lindhede Dr. Stevenson
Chem n/a n/a n/a Mr. Horton Mr. Lindhede
Bio n/a n/a n/a Myself Mr. Horton
Music Mr. Irvine concert band (cb) and
jazz band (jb)
Mr. Irvine (cb,jb) Mr. Irvine (cb,jb) Mr. Ennis (cb,jb) Mr. Ennis (cb,jb) 

Mr. Sparks (choir)

Computer Sc. n/a Mr. Driver (cpsc10) Mr. Driver (cpsc11) myself Mr. Tucker (cpsc12)
Other Mr. Webb - woodworking, metalwork

Ms. Wilson / Mrs. Vaughn- home economics

  Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Dorgan (wrestling) Ms. Smallridge Peer Tutoring 

(Tucker's cpsc11 class and mr. chin's gym 10 class)


Mr. Chan (fencing)

Mr. Cuthbertson (wrestling)


UNIV. year 1
CPSC 122 (principles in comp. programming) Murray Goldberg/Jim Neufeld.

English 110 (approaches to literature) Judy Brown
English 112 (strategies in univ. writing) Noel Currie

Sci1 Math - Leah Keshet, Mark Maclean
Sci1 Bio - Lee Gass
Sci1 Physics - Jim Carolan (lab TA shaun  ?culhan?/ Mark Halprin)
Sci1 Chem - Geoff Herring /Neil Dryden (LAB: Andrea and Cheng Feng, lab sup Sofie Naussbaum)

Mackenzie house Serenades: Mark (Norm) Follet

Summer 1
Econ 100 (Principles of Economics) Gabriel Talmain
CPSC 128 (Principles of Comp Sci.) Peter Smith
Math 221 (Matrix Algebra) Charles Lamb

Year 2
Math 226 (Advanced Calculus I) David Austin
CPSC 218 (Computer Organization) Jim Neufeld (TA Hani/Daniel/Nana)
CPSC216 (Program Design and Data Structures)  Goerge Tsiknis (TA Eric Borm/ Chris Ellefson)
CPSC 220 (Discrete structures) Jack Snoyink (TA Mohammed Sameti)
Biol 200 (Cell biology I) Noreen Louis Glass (TA David Kojwang)

Place Vanier Choir: Tom .. with glasses

Summer yr 2
Engl 301 (Technical and business writing) Deborah Blenkhorn
Stat 241  (Intro to Probability and Statistics) Ruben Zamar

Coop#1 &2

Javed Iqbal, Coop coordinator


(ministry of human resources, 
information technology branch, 
applications development and support, 
team 1)

555 west 8th
Group Manager: Jennifer Dawes
Team leader: Frank Chow /Wayne Chu
Tazim Boldin
Darren Shank
Paul Chow

(Diane Grehan
Susan Shaver
May Haak)

3rd year

Chem 231 - (Organic Chemistry I ) Richard Pincock/Bob Perkins (Lab Dana Zendrowski, TA HongPing)
Chem 232 - (Organic Chemistry II) Bob Perkins

CPSC 304 - (Database Systems I) Raymond Ng (Partner: George Tseng)
CPSC 320 - (Intro to Algorithm design and analysis) Patrice Bellevile (TA Bettina Speckmann)
CPSC 310 - (Intro to Software Engineering) Gail Murphy (TA: Alex Pang, Elisa Banisaad)
CPSC 322 - (Artificial Intelligence) David Poole (TA Martin Isenburg, Ryan Smarartino)
CPSC 319 - (Software Engineering project) Peter Smith
CPSC 414 - (Graphics) Kellogg Booth (TA Dave MartinDale, 2 others)

Math 317 (Calculus IV) Jim Carrel
Math 307 (Applied Linear Algebra) Joel Friedman

(summer yr 3)
CPSC 315 - (Intro to Operating Systems) Murray Goldberg, (TA: Mik Kersten)
Math 302 - (Intro to Probability): Leonid Mytnik

Abbotsford Judo Club - Tokue Suda / Judie Suda

COOP #4 - 
Ensemble Systems
Mike Bacinschi, Ron Williams

(Jan1999) year 4
Bioc 300 (Biochemistry) 
        PP Dennis, Ian Clark-Lewis, Bruce Tiberiis, Peter Candido, Ross MacGillivray
Math 340 - (Linear Programming) Richard Anstee
CPSC 448 - (Human Computer Interfaces) Kellogg Booth
CPSC 422 - (Intelligent Systems) Holger Hoos (TA Pascal Poupart)
CPSC 302 (Numerical Analysis) Ian Cavers TA Xaodi Sun/
CPSC 405 (Simulation and Modelling) Dinesh Pai (Ta Felix Chang, Paul Kry, Fillip ) 
                Partner: Winston winston Sun, Aurizagib Qamar

Coop #4
Oliver Schoenborn
Dan Johnston
Brian Wong
Neil Murray
Lori Cox

sept 1999 - jan 2000 year 5

Comm 457 (Fundamentals of Financial Accounting) Johan deRooy, (TA Tyler Smyr____)
Comm 458 (Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting) Johan deRooy, ( TA Nicole Bonefant)
Comm 491 (Strategic Management) Bernard Schwab
Comm 465 (Marketing Management) Mike LeRoy

CPSC 421 (Theory of Computation, Languages and Grammars) Nicholas Pippenger, 
CPSC 416 (Distributed Systems) Mike Feeley
CPSC 410 (Adv. Software Engineering) Gail Murphy
CPSC 420 (Adv. Algorithm Design and Analysis) David Kirkpatrick

EECE 571J (Human Interface Technologies) Sidney Fels

Math 303 (Stochastic Processes) Priscilla Greenwood
Math 441 (Modeling Discrete Optimization Problems) Richard Anstee

Psych 314 (Health Psychology) Théo DeGagner

Thesis (fuzzy logic / fractal jazz - improvisation) advisors: Holger Hoos / Keith Hamel / Sid Fels

References: Kellogg Booth, Holger Hoos, Izak Benbasat, Oliver Schoenborn


supervisor- George Fitzmaurice, Bill Buxton
penultimate-supervisor, Ron Baecker

Derek Corneil - Graph Theory CSC2410
Faheem Bacchus - Constraint Satisfaction  CSC2512
Monica Schraefel and Diane McKerlie - Human Computer Interaction CSC2514

Anthony Bonner, Data Management Systems CSC2509
David Penny, Managing Software Development and People CSC2125
Steve Easterbrook, Requirements Engineering CSC2106

Mr. (Sam) Morrison - (son Kenny)
Some Lady in Mission with a small yappy curly black dog
Mrs. Rogalski
Ms. Volt
Mr. Bernie Derkson

Music Theory 
Mrs. Barbara Gorman:
History 1,2,3
Harmony 1,2,3

Swimming / Lifeguarding
Red Cross: 
swimming: ... yellow, orange, red, maroon, green, blue, grey, white level: Bruce some guy who wore speedos

Royal Lifesaving Society of Canada:
Bronze medallion + CPR 'C': Graeme Geen / Jennifer Bossin + CPR 'C'
Bronze cross: ?Richard?. Bobrick
National Lifeguard Service (NLS): Graeme Geen
Aqualeader: .... Julie...??? 

Tokue Suda (Abbotsford Judo)

Walter Lanz (UBC Judo)
Joe McCarthy (UBC Judo)
Co-Instructor for Beginners: Alexandra Cristesceu
NCCP 1 Technical: John Huntley
NCCP 1 Theory: Tim Laidler 

Provincial Team Coaches: 
Christian Schenk, Rene Hock. Fred Tan.  ...

Co-Instructor for U of T Judo Hien 

Some lady at Langara College (accupressue)
Carmel Bouzanne (hybrid/Swedish massage)

Reading and writing (Chinese):
Elisa Woo, (Cantonese)
Numerous 'advanced' class instructors in the basement of some church. (Mandarin)

Walter Gage Toastmasters, UBC

Business/Entrepeneurship/leader stuff
Vancouver Board of Trade - Post secondary student initiative - Rebecca Clapperton
BC Youth Business Entrepeneurship Training program (youbet)
Rotary Youth Leadership: (RYLA) district 50(?) 
Jan Hazran, IBM - (VBOT mentor)

Reid Holmes
Katie Stafford


Ballroom: Penny Bodel (UBC Dance)
Latin: Andy & Wendy Wong (Grand Ballroom, Richmond)
Funk & Hip-Hop: Tonya Faganely (UWO Dance)
Swing: Toby Chernoff & Tonya (Uberswing)
Salsa: Ella Korets, Greg Pintilie
Modern: Elizabeth Crawford
Choreography: Elizabeth Crawford

(U of T Choreographers)
Tango: Hiro Aoki (2001)
Hip-Hop: Dave Cheung, David Kim (2002)
Salsa: Greg Pintilie, Kelly Goldfarb (2002)
Modern: Elizabeth Crawford, Dragi Dodevski, (2002)
Swing: Daisy MacLean, Stephen Ross, Michelle Wong (2002)

Gymnastics, U of T 
Alicia Blain, Will Kopplin, Marnie Lafleur, Andrew McBurney, Tom Moss
NCCP level 1 Gymnastics technical: Betty Tate-Pineau, Fiona Van Wissen


Look both ways before crossing the street: