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User Manual for "Toronto Service Seeker"

The purpose of the system is to aid the user in choosing a property in Toronto, by considering the services surrounding each of the properties. Given a list of desired addresses and a specific set of desired services and the preferred proximity of each service to the properties, the system quantitatively evaluates which property has the best proximity to the specified services.

How to Use the System

The system has a 2D map on your left and a place for you to enter information on the right. When you enter data on the right-hand side of the interface, the map on the left is populated with the 3D structures. The legend on the map describes these structures. Dragging the left, middle and right mouse buttons perform orbit, pan and zoom operations, respectively. However, direct camera manipulation is not required for effective use our system. The camera automatically frames the residences upon entry, and clicking buttons in the interface moves the camera to frame any residence's local neighbourhood.

System Inputs

To use this system you must have:

  1. A list of addresses of places in Toronto that you are interested in.
  2. A list of services that you desire to have around your property.

Steps to use the System

  1. Enter the addresses of the properties that you are interested in.
  2. Click the "Next" button.
  3. In this second interface, use the check-boxes to choose which services are important to you.
  4. Use the sliders next to each check-box to show the level of importance of each service to you. The first marking means that the service has an importance level of zero, that is, it is not important. The last slider position has a marking of five, which is the maximum level of importance.
  5. After selecting the services that are important to you, click the "Next" button.
  6. You are taken to the Results Interface, which has a table that gives the addresses you entered, in descending order of which one meets your requirements best, which one is second, et cetera. Clicking on the "GO" button, allows you to zoom in to inspect a property and its surrounding services more carefully.

System Outputs

The system shows an interactive 2D map with all the properties entered by the user represented with 3D graphics. It also shows the services that are important to the user in 3D graphics. It also rates all of the properties in ascending order of the closest proximity to the selected services and allows the user to zoom in and inspect all of the properties and services more closely.