1) Creating a Track

- In order to create a Roller Coaster track, simply click and drag the mouse along the grid to draw a line for the Roller Coaster to follow. Draw many lines connected together to make curves.
- You can draw your track in any shape that you want: hills, loops, drops, and so on. Unfortunately, though, the Roller Coaster cannot jump between pieces of track.
- VERY IMPORTANT: The Roller coaster starts at the green "START" box - you MUST connect your track to the piece of track sticking out of this box! Also, your track should go downwards right away, or the Roller Coaster will run out of energy and stop.
- No more than two pieces can be connected at the same spot. If you try to do this, your line will turn red.
- You can only have 75 lines at a time. Use them wisely!

2) Changing a Track

- If you want to delete your whole track, click the "Clear" button.
- If you want to delete a specific piece of track, click the "Delete Mode" button. Then move the mouse over the piece of track you want to delete, and it should turn red. Then click the mouse to delete it. When you're done, click on the "Edit Mode" button to go back to building your track.

3) Enough talk, let's roll!

- Once you've made a track, click on the "Run Coaster" button to start the Roller Coaster.
- The Roller coaster will stop if it's going very slowly, so try to speed it up by using hills or loops.
- If the Roller Coaster stops, you can click on "Stop Coaster" to get rid of it.
- Using what you've seen of how the Roller Coaster moves, click on "Edit Mode" and try to make your Roller Coaster even more spectacular!

4) That's it!

- Have fun!