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Ken Xu
Email: kenxu@dgp.toronto.edu

About Me...

I have completed my Master's degree from the University of Toronto, Department of Computer Science.  I am member of the DGP (Dynamic Graphics Project).  During my time at DGP, I worked under the supervision of James Stewart and Eugene Fiume.  During working hours, I enjoy doing graphics (why else would I be here!).  In my spare time, I play a ton of games.  I like all things that are furry or swims - except those with very large, sharp teeth :).  I'm currently working at Alias|Wavefront, working by day to produce the next version of Alias Sketchbook Pro.



The paper and the thesis deal with the following problem:  how can an artist assemble a complex scene from existing 3D objects, without taking hours or maybe even days to perform the task?  Can complex scenes involving hundreds/thousands of objects be created in minutes?  I have created a system called CAPS (Constraint-based Automatic Placement System) to address this problem.  Using CAPS, users can indeed craft complex scenes in a matter of minutes, without sacrificing control.  CAPS constitutes my thesis work.   You can find a short demo of CAPS here.