Kent Fenwick

Current Projects

Able Cells - A store that sells perfect keto in canada as well as other curated keto and nootropic products.

Pencil Problems - A podcast about side projects with DGP alumn Nick Shim.


I am a computer science masters student studying at the University of Toronto working with Professor Ron Baecker. My main area of interest is human computer interaction and mobile design patterns

Currently, I am working on a context aware mobile application called Friend Forecaster. Friend Forecaster suggests who you might see at a given location based on your current or future context. The aim is to create a service that helps users feel more socially comfortable and connected.

Research Interests

I am really interested in all aspects of computer science and engineering but if had to nail it down, I would say mobile software development, context aware computing and web services.

I also like looking at programming languages and grammars. I am a programming language Polygot and love learning new languages whenever I can. Ruby, Objective-C and C# are my favorites right now, but Erlang and Scala are on the horizon.

Academic Background

I graduated in 2003 from Queen's University with a degree in Biomedical Computing.

I always planned on being a doctor, but fell in love with computer science once I got into it.

Professional Interests

I started a consulting business a year ago called ewakened. I love making websites and thinking of new ideas for the web, ewakened is my creative outlet.

I am involved in several companies namely nkdguru and Prospectlinker.

I also worked at GlaxoSmithKline for three years designing and implementing inventory management and electronic laboratory software.