Program for SBIM 2008.    
June 11, Wed. 2:45-6pm    
Opening remarks   14:45
Session: Sketching Shape, Texture and Highlights    
Sketching Piecewise Clothoid Curves James McCrae,  Karan Singh 14:45
Volume Painter: Geometry-Guided Volume Modeling by Sketching on the Cross-Section Owada Shigeru, Takahiro Harada, Philipp Holzer, Takeo Igarashi 15:10
Sketch and Paint-based Interface for Highlight Modeling Romain Pacanowski,  Xavier Granier,  Christophe Schlick,  Pierre Poulin 15:35
BREAK   16:00
Keynote: Gerald Scarfe   16:30-18:00
June 12, Thu. 9:00am-4:15pm    
Session: Low-Level Recognition    
Paper-based Scribble Simplification: Where Do We Stand? Alexandra Bartolo,  Kenneth Camilleri, Simon Fabri, Jonathan Borg 9:00
ShortStraw: A Simple and Effective Corner Finder for Polylines Aaron Wolin,  Tracy Hammond 9:25
From Paper to Machine: Extracting Strokes from Images for use in Sketch Recognition Pankaj Rajan,  Tracy Hammond 9:50
BREAK   10:15
Session: Sketch-Based Implicit Modeling    
Repoussé: Automatic inflation of 2D artwork Nathan Carr,  Pushkar Joshi 11:00
Matisse : Painting 2D regions for Modeling Free-Form Shapes Adrien Bernhardt,  Adeline Pihuit, Marie-Paule Cani,  Loic Barthe 11:25
A Sketch-Based Method to Control Deformation in a Skeletal Implicit Surface Modeler Masamichi Sugihara, Erwin de Groot, Brian Wyvill, Ryan Schmidt 11:50
LUNCH   12:15
Session: Data Collection, Search and Composition    
A Data Collection Tool for Sketched Diagrams Rachel Blagojevic, Beryl Plimmer, John Grundy, Yong Wang 2:30
SOUSA: Sketch-based Online User Study Applet Brandon Paulson,  Aaron Wolin, Joshua Johnston, Tracy Hammond 2:55
Using Sketches and Retrieval to Create LEGO Models Fonseca, Manuel J., Tiago Santos, Filipe Dias, Alfredo Ferreira 3:20
Sketch-Based Search and Composition of 3D Models Jeehyung Lee, Thomas Funkhouser,  3:45
June 13, Fri. 9:00am-4:30pm    9:00
Session: Sketch-Based Interfaces for Procedural Models   9:00
Sketching Faces Orn Gunnarsson, Steve Maddock  9:00
Rapid sketch modeling of clouds Jamie Wither,  Antoine Bouthors, Marie-Paule Cani 9:25
Sketch-based Parameterization of L-systems using Illustration-inspired Construction Lines Fabricio Anastacio, Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz,  Mario Costa Sousa  9:50
BREAK   10:15
Session: User Studies    
Investigating User Requirements and Usability of Immersive Three-dimensional Sketching for Early Conceptual Design – Results from Expert Discussions and User Studies Johann Habakuk Israel, Christian Zöllner, Magda Mateescu 11:00
An Empirical Study in Pen-Centric User Interfaces: Diagramming Andrew Forsberg,  Bob Zeleznik, Joseph La Viola, Sashi Raghupathy, Andrew Bragdon 11:25
MathBrush: A Case Study for Pen-based Interactive Mathematics Lank, Edward 11:50
LUNCH   12:15
Session: Higher-Level Recognition and Frameworks    
Supporting Reinterpretation in Computer-Aided Conceptual Design Iestyn Jowers, Miquel Prats, Sungwoo Lim, Alison McKay, Steve Garner, Scott Chase 2:15
CogSketch: Open-domain sketch understanding for cognitive science research and for education  Kenneth Forbus, Jeffrey Usher, Andrew Lovett, Kate Lockwood,  Jon Wetzel 2:40
Automatic Interpretation of Depiction Conventions in Sketched Diagrams Kate Lockwood, Andrew Lovett, Ken Forbus, Jeffrey Usher, Morteza Dehghani 3:05
AlgoSketch: Algorithm Sketching and Interactive Computation Chuanjun Li, Timothy Miller,  Bob Zeleznik,  Joseph La Viola 3:30