CSC 2529, Winter, 2005: Character Animation

Instructor Karan Singh
Phone (416) 978-7201
Office Hours BA 5258 (by appointment)

Lectures T 4-6pm,  DGP or as announced.



This course is a project intensive study on the geometric representation and modeling of digital objects.


Most of the following will be covered:
Geometric representations (point clouds, polygon meshes, parametric curves and surfaces, subdivision surfaces, voxels, implicit surfaces)

Geometric features (normals, curvature, surface parameterization),

Modeling operations (extrusion, revolution, lofting).

Sculpting and deformations (FFDs, wires, sweepers, implicit fields).

Interactive techniques for shape modeling.

Course Texts

Recommended CAGD techniques, Gerald Farin.
Recommended Implicit surfaces, Bloomenthal et al.
Recommended Geometric modeling, Michael Mortenson.

Grading Scheme

Paper Presentation (individual) 20%
Assignment (individual) 30%
Animation Project (upto 3 people) 50%

You are expected to be a competent programmer in C or C++ in this course. You will a need knowledge of basic 3D computer graphics, rudimentary Open GL and a strong math foundation. Prior knowledge of the Maya animation system is desirable, you may want to do a little background reading and play around with the Maya Personal Learning Edition.

Computer Facilities, St. George campus

The programming assignments may make use of the CDF Unix facilities. Room 3116 has been sepecially configured for this course. Those unfamiliar with CDF will find A student's Guide to CDF to be useful. This guide is available in the bookstore.

The course newsgroup ut.cdf.csc2529h will be used as a forum for discussion.