CSC 2505 Fall 2005 Assignment

Your mission in this project is to produce a functional digital object.

A functional object is one that is hooked up with controls that simulate its operation. For example, if you model a bicycle, the pedals should rotate causing the drive train to turn the rear wheel. A nut and bolt assembly should fit. A human head should articulate. A watch should tell time. A coffee cup has no functional or moving parts (parameterize its construction to make it interesting).

You can use any modeling and texturing software including scanning physical pieces. This assignment is to make you familiar with existing modeling workflows and tools. Choose your object representations as meshes, patches or subdivision surfaces based on the kind of model you are building. Your final model assembly should be put together in Maya and submitted as a Maya file as well as example renderings  that showcase your design.

Try and be as creative and artistic as you can. 

Deadline: The assignment is due in class October 18. 

Example renderings of designs


Fall 2005 Designs


A rendering





Laptop: Alex Kolliopolis

Ornithopter: Patricio Simari

Catapult: Derek Nowrouzezehrai

Keyboard: Patrick Coleman

Microscope: Martin de Lasa

Milling Machine Detail after MillingMilling Machine: Christian Lessig

Hippie Toaster: Ian Vollick

Wind-up: Todd Goodwin

Frigate: Vangelis Kalogerakis

close-up screenshot Bug: Mike Pratscher





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