Jonathan carefully compares Coke Classic and Coke Zero at the World of Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta, GA.

Jonathan is currently a Systems Engineer at Tactual Labs, where he works on low-latency touch systems. His research focuses on two general areas: the design and implementation of instrumentation, test equipment, and methodologies that are used to measure and analyze device latency (i.e., how can we quantify the latency profile of a particular device?), and how people perceive these different latency profiles (i.e., what impact does device latency have on the user experience?). He also works on hand- and wrist-based sensors that can reconstruct the pose of the hand.

Jonathan earned an M.Sc. from the Dynamic Graphics Project (DGP) lab in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto, where he studied Human-Computer Interaction under the supervision of Prof. Ravin Balakrishnan. Jonathan also holds an Hon B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Toronto.

His other research interests include many areas of Human-Computer Interaction, including usability and UX, information visualization, and end-user programming.

He blogs with predictable irregularity at, and tweets with somewhat less irregularity as @jdeber.

He does not normally refer to himself in the third person, but he figured he’d give it a shot this once. Upon reflection, he’s not crazy about it.

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A Computer Scientist who thinks about the user.

I'll get a bunch of monkeys, dress 'em up, and make them reenact the Civil War!


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