Stroke-Based Rendering tutorial

This tutorial appeared in the SIGGRAPH 2002 course on NPR. A revised version appears in the July/August issue of IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications 2003. The SIGGRAPH version has a more comprehensive list of references (as of Spring 2002).

CG&A 2003 tutorial: PDF (4.5 MB) (shorter, revised, and slightly more readable)
reference: Aaron Hertzmann. A Survey of Stroke-Based Rendering. IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications, Special Issue on Non-Photorealistic Rendering. July/August, 2003 (Vol. 23, No. 4). pp. 70-81.

older SIGGRAPH 2002 version: PDF (10 MB) (contains many more references)
reference: Aaron Hertzmann. Stroke-Based Rendering. In K.-L. Ma, editor, Recent Advances in Non-Photorealistic Rendering for Art and Visualization. SIGGRAPH 2002 Course Notes.

Here is source code for the rendering strokes in OpenGL.