My Interests

I'm interested in all aspects of computer graphics but just about everything else too.

You want details, do you? In my research, I work on problems in illumination, geometric modelling, the modelling of natural phenomena, computer animation, sampling, filtering, texture mapping, digital imaging (compression, signal processing, transmission), graphics software construction, hardware (especially highly parallel and distributed algorithms), and general rendering problems. I seem to be getting increasingly interested in biomedical issues and how they might relate to computer graphics. Then there's the issue of trying to understand what all this graphics stuff means and implies for society. We seem to like to be taken in by images, and I wonder about how that will be used and abused over the next fifty years or so.

I also have interests more generally in software, such as software construction and deployment, wireless information technology, and digital media. I have spent a fair bit of time helping people out with issues related to "intellectual property" (patents, technology transfer, licensing, etc.).

Sometimes I get up off my duff and play soccer and hockey, run a 10K, half or full marathon (some of my times are here). I diddle around composing music and playing guitar, I drink too much good wine, and generally have a good time doing whatever I happen to be doing at the moment.

You can get a sense of the other things I've been up to by reading my brief biography (boring).