Spine Modeler - G (global and structural deformity)  
  Objective 2D/3D reconstruction and quantification of spinal deformity (e.g., idiopathic scoliosis)  
  Methods biplanar xray (EOS imaging), forceplate, Vicon  
  Outputs reconstructed 2D/3D geometry, assessments (clinical and kinematic)  
  Development C/C++, MFC, OpenGL, BLAS, LAPACK, MS Windows platforms  
  Main GUI (digitization, biomechanics and 2D/3D measurement tools)   
  Semi-automatic determination for anatomical landmarks (e.g., spinal curves, segments and pedicles)  

  Measurement of Cobb angle  



  3D reconstruction of spinal structure (including sacrum) and geometric deviation of COP