Simon Breslav's Portrait

Simon Breslav

Dynamic Graphics Project
Department of Computer Science
University of Toronto
Email: [my last name]
Voicemail: (754)-BRE-SLAV (US number)
40 St. George Street, Rm 5173
Toronto, ON, M5S 2E4

2010 Resume [PDF]

 Research Interest

My research interest is primarily in non-photorealistic rendering. Broadly, I'm interested in developing better ways for people to communicate quickly, clearly, and compellingly through images and animations.

 About Me

I'm a graduate student at University of Toronto under supervision of Aaron Hertzmann. I completed a BS degree in Computer Science from the University of Michigan in May 2006, where I worked for Lee Markosian. From July 2006 to June 2008 I worked for Thomson Reuters on a search engine for lawyers, I've done an internship in Adobe Creative Technology Lab in Summer 2009, and in Auryn Animation Studio in Summer 2005.



Towards the Photonic Nose: A Novel Platform for Molecule and Bacteria Identification
Leonardo D. Bonifacio, Daniel P. Puzzo, Simon Breslav, Barbara M. Willey, Allison McGeer, Geoffrey A. Ozin
Advanced Materials 2009
Project Homepage
Dynamic 2D Patterns for Shading 3D Scenes
Simon Breslav, Karol Szerzen, Lee Markosian, Pascal Barla, Joëlle Thollot
ACM Transaction on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 2007), Volume 26, Number 3 - 2007
Project Homepage | Paper PDF | Videos: Unofficial YouTube Video | Code: jot-lib

Stroke Pattern Analysis and Synthesis
Pascal Barla, Simon Breslav, Joëlle Thollot, François Sillion, Lee Markosian
Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. of Eurographics 2006), Volume 25 - 2006
Project Homepage | Paper PDF

Tech Reports

Interactive Hatching and Stippling by Example
Pascal Barla, Simon Breslav, Joëlle Thollot, Lee Markosian
Technical Report , INRIA - 2006.
Project Homepage | Paper PDF

 Selected Art


10 Fairytale Illustrations
Simon Breslav
The Search For Unrational Leadership by Charles Fleetham
Paperback/Hardcover: 364 pages; Right Brain Books, LLC (April 1, 2005)


Simon Breslav
empty pockets 2
The Wooden Book Press
September 2006, Ann Arbor, MI
A 6 page comic strip published in a 268 page student compilation.
You Suck at Programming, please stop!
Simon Breslav
Self Published, 6 pages, ~100 copies, February 2006, Ann Arbor, MI
Lone Carrot
Simon Breslav
Self Published, 16 pages, ~100 copies, January 2006, Ann Arbor, MI

Paintings & Drawings